Founded in 1981 as Atelier 7 by theater innovator and master teacher Polina Klimovitskaya, Terra Incognita Theater creates original works of performance, springing from Ms. Klimovitskaya’s Kinetic Mind Practice. A not-for-profit (501c3), exploratory company, the group currently holds residency at CAVE in Brooklyn. Terra Incognita concentrates on examining and liberating the actor’s process — and the human life process — through several branches of work: practical exploration; performances; open training workshops; and writings. Jeremy serves the company as managing director, performer, and assistant to Ms. Klimovitskaya. Visit Terra Incognita’s website.

Terra In Fragments

Pushkin’s The Covetous Knight and short works by members of Terra Incognita, woven into a dark, dream tapestry. What emerges from the hidden treasure boxes of our souls? Directed by Polina Klimovitskaya. Produced by Jeremy Goren and Jenna Kirk. Performed by Isobel Roth, Natalia Krasnova, Jeremy Goren, Jenna Kirk, Massimiliano Balduzzi, and Michael Scarcelle. Created for SOAK 2014 through LEIMAY-CAVE’s Black Studio Fellowship.

An Old Poem Upon Beckett’s Rockaby

A multi-woman interpretation of the solo-woman play. Directed by Polina Klimovitskaya. Assistant Director: Jeremy Goren. Created for SOAK 2013 through LEIMAY-CAVE’s Black Studio Fellowship.

I Take Good Care of My Corpse

The busy flies in the existential vacuum of modern life. A short satire on contemporary society, constructed from dreams. Made for galleries and other small spaces. Conceived and Directed by P. Klimovitskaya. Performed by Jeremy Goren, Jenna Kirk, Natalia Krasnova, and Renzo Rios. Design by Julia Nitsberg. Appeared at SOAK 2013, SOAK 2014, The End of Light Art Exhibition.

Moving Landscape

This public-space performance series, consisting of a unique form of site-specific, kinetic performance distillations, began in Summer 2011 at Sing for Hope’s Pop-Up Pianos, appearing at five locations across three boroughs of New York City.  A second iteration appeared, also that summer, at Washington Square Park and further iterations continue under development. In 2012, Terra Incognita presented a completely new version of the piece, constructed out of children’s games, at the FIGMENT Festival on Governor’s Island, NY. Directed by Polina Klimovitskaya. Conceived and produced by Jeremy Goren and Klmovitskaya. Performed by Terra Incognita members Jeremy Goren and Natalia Krasnova in collaboration with an extended family of artists.   .”Pianos Iteration” Media Gallery.  .”Vanya Iteration” Media Gallery.


A performance in development that can appear equally in a theater as a gallery or other space, this perhaps indefinable work emerged from Terra’s explorations of the difficulties of self-expression and our attempts to synchronize speech, thought, and body with the ungraspable present. It performed first as part of the Ferment series at CAVE in May 2011 and again, in a further developed form, as part of the WAXworks series at Triskelion Arts in October 2011.  .Media Gallery.

Pebble-and-Cart Cycle: one-line tragedies

A six-part work for the stage, delving into the theatre of inner conflict, that began development in 2006, this piece performed at Dixon Place in New York City in 2008 (Parts I and II) and at Dixon Place and The Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C., in 2009 (Parts I-III), where it received rave reviews. Additionally, the group performed an excerpt from “Goat: I cannot fit into my own shoe” at One Arm Red in Brooklyn in 2009. Terra has Parts IV-VI under development. Conceived and directed by Polina Klimovitskaya. Created and performed by Terra Incognita members Jeremy Goren, Natalia Krasnova, Michael Moscoso, and Dolly Williams, along with Anthony Spaldo and Ellen Lanese. Puppet creations by Jessica Scott.                 .Media Gallery. .Press.

A Taste of Honey

Terra’s interpretation of Shelagh Delaney’s modern theatre classic appeared in a work-in-progress run at Manhattan Theatre Source in December 2006. It featured company members Dolly Williams and Jeremy Goren, as well as Erin Mallon and Kevin Gay. Ms. Klimovitskaya directed, assisted by company member Natalia Krasnova.  .Media Gallery.


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